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confuzedlozer's Journal

6 February
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so here I am, year number 19. life is...well. i drive a 1999 cavalier and its in the process of being one sweet ride. i am about to attend my second year at lawrence technological university, majoring in computer engineering. right now i have a gpa of 3.33, and hopefully i am able to maintain that. my friends are all awesome. funny, reliable, trustworthy, and just ends up being a good time around them. i am realizing how when you grow up, you dont have as many friend because you have so much else that you do. people just grow apart, and arent of highest priority. not that they wouldnt like to stay friends, its just that...they dont. Family life is swell, a lot of time the more i stay home the more they agitate me, but on occasion i get along with them just fine. for some reason the only thing that is bringing me down is this longing for some "one". its like ive been so busy lately that water has just been pouring into my cup, and its overflowing. the only problem is there is a good sized hole in the bottom letting it all out. maybe i can find someone shortly, and it will be complete, even if its only a short time.